Monday, August 30, 2010

Dinner at La Terrasse du Mimosa (Montpeyroux, France)

It does not get dark in the summer until around 8:45 pm. So sitting outside for dinner is such a pleasant experience. To see the brilliant colours of the day and witness the changes of the colours in the sky until it get dark is pure magic.

There is no where as fabulous to eat in the town of Montpeyroux than at La Terrase du Mimosa. It is a picture perfect post card of a bistro in the center of the town. Sitting under the trees during summer is wonderful.

La Terrasse is a combination of; bar à vin, bistro and cavistes (sells wines from around the area). Because La Terrasse supports the local food and wine producers; these people in return also support the wine bar/ bistro. Therefore; there is always such a lovely atmosphere of friendship at La Terrasse.

Every Sunday is music night in the place central at La Terrasse. The week before (which I missed) was tango music and I heard it was a huge success and very fun. Our evening was a Jazz combo named 'Symphonic Balzar' composed of a clarinet player & acordion player. The terrasse was packed for dinner and music.

Sitting outside at The Terrasse; we all agreed that it was like sitting in a old Hollywood movie that romanticised the French village life. Everything seemed to be perfect; just like in the movies, from the weather & the atmosphere.

The first wine we had was a 2008 Les Calcinaires (blanc) from Domaine Gauby The nose of this wine was fresh & flattering. The aromas of roses, notes of white fruits and flowers. The wine was very refreshing, good balance & good acidity. A white wine with a long finish. It was really good!

The second wine we had was a 2009 Les Calcinaires (rouge) from Domaine Gauby. The wine had a lovely deep purple colour. The nose of the wine was seductive with ripe red fruits. And the wine in the mouth had hints of spices, had a long finish and tannins were present. A very yummy wine!

People sitting around the wine barrel enjoying wine, music and conversation.

Symphonic Balzar in the background playing to the delight of the customers.

The appetizer was a platter of different Tartines. The lovely tartines were a celebration of the summer's harvest. The tartine were (starting from the top left and going clock wise) figue & roquefort cheese, sardine & tepenade, sun-dried tomato & hard local cheese shavings and white cheese with local herbs. All of them had such wonderful flavours & textures. Truly an amazing starter to remind us that we are indeed the south of France.

The second dish was Risotto with Seafood. The risotto was cooked perfectly and had a nice hint of safron. The seafood was fresh and added nice taste and texture to the dish. A hearty and yummy appetizer.

The second dish was the Terrasse Trilogy. The trilogy consisted of seasonal canteloupe & ham, mashed pois chiches & vegetable sticks and brochette of lamb. My friend chose this for his second dish and he told me that it was very good, so I believe him.

The main dish was pan fried Veal. The veal was cooked to perfection. The quality of the veal was amazing, it was so tender & juicy and it was cut into like butter. The meats of the region are so so good.

I love coming to La Terrasse du Mimosa during the summer season. The brilliant colours, the lovely atmosphere and of course the wonderful food and wines. Nothing compares to La Terrasse around here!!!

23 Place de l'Horloge
34150 Montpeyroux
Tel. 04-67-44-49-80

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