Friday, August 20, 2010

Muslim Yellow Rice with Roasted Chicken & Spices

One of the most famous road side places for Muslim Yellow Rice with Roasted Chicken & Spices is on Rama IX Rd, which is great for us since it is very close to our place.

This place has no special design or decor. It is a giant tent with different food stalls serving different types of Muslim/ Halal food. They have the typical aluminum tables with red plastic chairs. The food was for sure the superstar of the place.

You have to come very early if you want to eat the 'lamb'. The lamb is so good here that it is all gone by noon time. We arrived around 13:30 and of course there was no more lamb but thank goodness there were some other wonderful foods still available.

The first order was Beef Soup. Huge stewed beef chunks & tomatoes and loaded with tons of herbs. The beef was so tender. The soup had the perfect blend of sour, sweet, tangy and spicy. This had to be one of the tastiest soups I have had in a long time. This is Bangkok, the capital of amazing soups. But, I have to say this one was exceptional (we ordered another one because it was so so so good).

The next dish was their very famous Yellow Rice with Roasted Chicken & Spices (Kao Mok Gkai). The yellow rice was firm and cooked very nicely. The chicken was tender (but I always with they would offer more chicken than one leg since there is always a kilo of rice on the plate). The yellow rice & chicken had a lovely flavour from the spices.

The next dish was Chicken Satay. The chicken was so tender and the flavour hit us immediately after the first bite. The marinade for this satay must be their secret. They also have beef satay.

The next dish was Murtabak stuffed with Fruit. We actually wanted their famous Murtabak stuffed with beef. But to our disappointment, they had a very busy day and ran out of beef. So they asked if we wanted the Murtabak filled with fruit & raisins instead. We accepted and decided that the mutabak with fruit & raisins would be for our dessert. The murtabak was good but since we were already had the mind-set of having this dish with beef; so it was a bit sad.

In this corner of the tent were the drink stall and the beef noodle stall. We ordered ice-lemon tea, and I have no idea how they made it but it had to be one of the best ice-tea I have had in a long time. It was not overly sweet and had the perfect sour taste to it (we had to have another one for each of us).

At this corner of the tent was the Satay stall, Yellow Rice & Chicken stall and the Lamb stall (which was already closed because there was no more).

The sign in front of the tent to let you know that you have arrived at the right place for fantastic Muslim food.

Overall; an awesome place for delicious food at ridiculously affordable prices. The staff were so friendly and the food came at amazing speed. I truly cannot wait to go there again.

Rama IX Rd. soi 41 (look for the huge Volvo sign and you will know to turn into the place to park)
Direction going to Suwannaphum Airport

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