Sunday, August 01, 2010


My client invited us to visit their factory in Sree Racha, Chonburi. After the factory visit; we invited our clients for lunch. The area is very very very famous for one restaurant. I really mean only 'one' restaurant. There is nothing around for miles & miles. However; it seems like everyone knows this particular restaurant. This restaurant is so famous because all it serves is ...chicken!

That's right...everything is chicken! You will soon see the photos. The decor is very 70's, heavy wood chairs & tables. Nothing very exciting in terms of decor because as usual, the food is the main attraction.

The sign that says...this is the most famous place for chicken!

The first dish was roasted chicken. The chicken was very tender, moist and tasted very yummy.

The second dish was chicken with sweet Thai basil. This is one of my favourite dishes but here they prepared it a bit differently than usual. Instead of mincing the chicken, the chicken came in big chunks. But that did not change the fact that this dish was so so good.

The next dish was stir fried vegetables with chicken. Nothing very special about this dish; but the vegetables were cooked nicely and they were very fresh.

The famous green & spicy sauce to dip the chicken. Amazingly tasty and spicy. My scalp was itching after every time I ate the chicken that was dipped into the sauce.

The next dish was deep fried chicken. The chicken was fried to a deep brown, it was very crispy but the inside was moist & tender. I do love fried foods and this was satisfying.

The next dish was chicken tom yum. The soup was hearty with so much chicken, mushrooms, bamboo, lemon grass, etc. The combination of sour, sweet, tangy and spicy was really great. The soup had loads of textures, colours and tastes. Simply wonderful.

The next dish was omelette. Another favourite comfort dish of mine. So so simple but yet so satisfying. The omelette was deep fried to a golden brown, slighty firm on the outside but so soft and tender on the inside.

The next dish was som tum (the only dish without chicken). We wanted som tum to go with the fried chicken. The som tum was a lovely blend of sour, sweet, tangy & spicy. As any som tum; tons of textures, colours and tastes. I can eat this everyday.

Even the restaurant has its own labeled chicken water.

The chillies that the staff cuts to make the famous sauce...ouch, those little green things looked spicy.

The candied pineapple for dessert.

Who could miss the entrance to this very famous restaurant?

The giant chicken mascot watching over the restaurant.

The chicken Starbucks. We all ordered iced coffee to take with us in the van for the trip back to Bangkok.

Overall; a really great place to have lunch. Its so unusual, easy going and the food is great. The staff was very friendly and the total bill for lunch for ten people (we ordered twice each dish) was ridiculously cheap. If you are ever Sree Racha, do try this place out...well actually, you might not have a choice since there is nothing else.

Moo Ban Hoop Born, Kao Kan Throng , Sree Racha, Chonburi
Contact Number : (038) 338-542, 08-1344-6288 และ 08-7235-9745
Opening Hour: 06.00-18.00 pm


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