Friday, August 06, 2010

Water Cress

We read about Water Cress that it was an organic/ no GMO ingredients Thai restaurant located at K-Village. It sounded interesting so we decided to try it out.

The decor is quite basic, bright lights as well as natural light shining through the large glass windows facing the shopping mall. The furniture is mostly wood chairs & tables and nothing special hanging on the walls.

Water Cress has an intensive fresh juice menu. We ordered the passion fruit juice & orange/ pineapple juice. Both tasted very good, not too sweet but they were on the small side. Not really your money's worth.

The first dish was deep fried Lemon Grass Frog Legs. The frog legs were deep fried to a dark golden brown. The frog legs were huge (I wonder where they are from). The frog legs were a bit oily and had a fishy taste (not sure why).

The second dish was Roasted Egg Plant Salad. The salad prepared well; though there were not signs of the egg plant being roasted and the proof was the fact in that we could not taste the 'roasted' part of the egg plant salad. It was not a bad dish; but not the best I have had in Bangkok either.

The next dish was Larb Tofu. The ingredients were fine, the textures were good but for some reason the dish was a bit bland. It did not have the right balance between sour, tangy, sweet &spicy.

The next dish was stir fried vegetables. The vegetable was fresh but the dish was lacking in flavour. Perhaps, part of the concept is to use less sauce to be more healthy, but for sure it was a bit bland.

Overall; the food is just ok. I was actually disappointed because the concept is interesting. The food does not have the balance of tastes and the depth in flavours as Khun Churn or Anothai. The food is so basic that even I could do most of the dishes and probably better. Too bad!

G/F, K-Village, Sukhumvit Soi 26
Phone: 02-661-3830
Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun, 11:00am-10:30pm

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mrigorous said...

Yes, this place really has little business being around, compared to places like Khun Churn. I was pretty disappointed with their food. The one dish, though, that benefitted from their "less sauce" ethos was the tod mun pla.