Thursday, August 12, 2010

Miyabi Kappo

A friend told us that he preferred the Japanese food of Miyabi Kappo over Honmono. We thought that is impossible because to us, Honmono is the utopia of sashimi/ sushi. So, we needed to test out Miyabi Kappo and see if this story was true.

Miyabi Kappo is the sister restaurant of the long established Hanako on Thonglor soi 13 (we used to go there often). We thought it was odd that Miyabi Kappo would open so close to its sister restaurant.

Miyabi Kappo is huge and very new. The decor is very 'Japanese' with wood in all shapes and colours as the main material for the construction and decor.

It was a bit sad...but we were the only ones sitting and eating on the very long counter. Of course; I was already looking at every detail to see if Miyabe can actually be better than Honmono. From my first observations; the fish in the cold case did not look as fresh as at Honmono. The selection of fish were not as bold & large. And, all the fish were wrapped in plastic, which diminished the appeal of the fish.

The first dish was 5 type Sashimi. The sashimi was typical but the very disappointing part was that they did not add any tuna on the dish. The fish was fresh and tasted good. But, the sashimi did not match the quality and the bite sizes at Miyabi Kappo were wimpy compared to Honmono.

The second dish was Avocado rolls. The rolls were well made and the ingredients were good. Not bad at all.

The third dish was Clams in Sake. The clams were fresh and had good texture. The soup had simple flavours and textures. Really nice.

The fourth dish was Roasted Chicken over Rice & Eggs. A hearty dish with well cooked chicken which tasted good. This is one of my favourite dishes at Hanako because the simplicity of the dish.

The lovely swimming pool & Zen garden of Miyabi Kappo. The waitress told us that we could rent out the space for a party...that would be very nice.

The beautiful architecture of Miyabi Kappo. Just like its sister restaurant. Miyabe has a lovely entrance to the restaurant. Another aspect of the Hanako and Miyabi Kappo that makes them very popular with the Japanese men is that the restaurants have karaoke bar/ lounges (if you know what I mean...wink, wink, wink) linked to the restaurants. So, they can eat first then walk through the connecting doors; or they can order the food from the restaurants while singing along with their colleagues.

Overall; we did not think Miyabi Kappo was as good as Honmono. The food was good but not spectacular and the food is exactly the same as Hanako. We thought at least they would have a different menu offering from Hanako, but to our disappointment it did not.

The service is very good and friendly at Miyabi Kappo. Actually; too good! Since, we were the only ones eating at the counter; the waitresses were bored and hovered around us the entire time. They watched us like hawks. Every movement we did, they had to have a counter movement. We took a sip of tea; zoom, pow, bam, she was there to refill the tea cup. I just took the last piece of rice from the bowl and zap, zing, zam, the bowl disappeared before I could put down my chopsticks. It got very annoying!

Sorry to my friend and to Miyabi Kappo...we are sticking to Honmono.

9 soi Thonglor 25
Sukhumvit 55 Rd.
Bangkok, 1010
Tel: 02-185-2201-2


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