Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Harvest (Montpeyroux, France)

The first day out to see the harvest of Alain Chabanon's vineyard. Another gorgeous day in Montpeyroux.

Domain Alain Chabanon is an organic wine producer. So, here are the organic grapes from the vineyard.

Loading the grapes onto the truck.

The stunningly beautiful vineyard. So green!

All the grapes on Alain Chabanon's vineyard are hand picked by the harvesters. No grape picking machines are allowed to touch the grapes...which is a good thing.

One of the harvester's dog. Very cute.

I tried to pick grapes once and it was absolutely back breaking; I am a total wimp due to my city life. I am amazed how these guys & gals can do it for five hours and on top of that the whole harvest season. Unbelievable.

Getting a closer look at the vines.

The beautiful and perfect grapes.

The gorgeous grapes waiting to be picked. 2010 is suppose to be another very good year for the vineyard. I can't wait to try the results.

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