Friday, September 10, 2010

Le Mimosa (St. Giraud, France)

For our last dinner in Montpeyroux; of course we had to eat at what is considered the best restaurant in our area...Le Mimosa. Le Mimosa has been open for over 25 years and over those years has gained a huge & loyal following. Chef Bridget is considered one of the best female chefs around.

The weather was cool but still pleasant to dine outside on the terrace.

The lovely swimming pool in the garden that adds to the atmosphere.

Some tables around the pool.

The amuse bouche was Coquilles Saint-Jacques en bouillon. The bouillon was so rich & intense in flavour. It reminded us of a miso. The coquilles Saint-Jacques were sliced into thin threads that they had the consistency of soft pasta. A clever amuse bouche and it was amazing.

The first dish was Fois Gras sur Galette de betterave. The fois gras is always cooked perfectly at le Mimosa and this dish was no exception. The fois gras tasted so good and the combination of the textures, colours and flavours made this dish so wonderful.

The second dish was home made Raviolis avec aux cèpes champignon. The raviolis were thin (which was a good thing) and the cèpes added so much flavour to the dish. The textures & flavours of this dish made it a huge hit.

The next dish was Homard avec Spaghetti de Courgettes. The homard was firm, juicy and had the most amazing flavour.

The main dish was Beouf d'Angus. The Angus was cooked perfectly, was so tender & juicy and had the most unbelievable taste.

The side dish to accompany the Angus was spinach and other seasonal vegetables.

The amazing cheese trolley.

The seductive dessert trolley.

I ate so much that I chose from the dessert trolley was the seasonal red berry crumble.

We got the only table in the wine barrel court yard.

A stunning place to eat dinner.

As usual; our food was absolutely delicious, the wines were marvelous, the service was impeccable and the atmosphere was charming at Le Mimosa. It is always a great way to end our stay in Montpeyroux before heading back to Paris.

Le Mimosa's cat saying goodbye to us when we left.

34725 St. Giraud
Tel.: 04 67 96 67 96

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