Thursday, September 09, 2010

Arlette Gruss Circus (Montpellier, France)

We read that the 'Arlette Gruss Circus' was in Montpellier. The Arlette Gruss Circus is France's most famous and oldest traveling circus. It was celebrating it's 25th anniversary this year. Since I have never been to the circus; yes it is true, I have been deprived of seeing a circus all my life. We decided to go. Very exciting!

Since the circus was at 15:30; we decided to eat at the most convenient and of course the best bistro in Montpeyroux, La Terrasse du Mimosa. It was another stunning & gorgeous day to eat outside on the terrace.

The first starter was a Pisaladierre. The pisaladierre was a crispy tarte covered with sardine, sauteed sweet onions, olives & topped with cheese then baked. All the flavours & textures for this starter was very nice.

The second starter was a Croustillant de chèvre. The croustillant looked like mini spring rolls, stuffed with goat cheese and deep fried to a golden brown. The outside was crispy and the inside was warm & soft. Great contrast and tasted really good.

The first main dish was Le flétan (a type of fish). The fish was so fresh and had a firm texture. The egg flan side dish was also tasty. A lovely summer dish.

The second main dish was Sauté de porc. The kitchen was stingy on the the pork for this dish; however; it did not ruin the enjoyment of this dish. The pork was very tender and juicy. Very yummy.

The dessert was fresh La pêche sous la glace. Who can resist summer peaches. They were vibrant in colour and rich in flavour. So so good.

After lunch we drove to Montpellier. We were arriving at the beautiful circus tent.

The entrance to the circus.

One side selling circus memorabilia and toys for the kids.

One side selling drinks, cotton candy, sweet pop corn, hot dogs and panini.

The live band starting to play music to announce the beginning of the circus.

The first act.

The were really good.

Then the animals came out.

The amazing trapeze act. They were really spectacular.

Then the Asian act started. The circus actually consisted of about 50% Chinese actors.

The very cute tiger. They were enormous but always yawning. We think they were sedated with something before the show to be more tame and gentle.

The wonderful Asian actors juggling things. They were unbelievable.

For my very first circus show; it was a tremendous treat. The atmosphere was full of energy and fun. Since; the circus was full of kids, it was more entertaining since they laugh at anything that moved. It made the show more alive.

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