Sunday, September 05, 2010

Restaurant de Lauzun (Gignac, France)

There is a one starred Micheline restaurant in the town of Gignac which is only 10 minutes away from Montpeyroux (which is great for us). The young chef Matthieu De Lauzun earned his Micheline star just after 6 months of opening his restaurant. An amazing fete! But it is not surprising since chef de Lauzun has experience of cooking under the great three starred Micheline chef Michel Bras.

The restaurant had a minimalist decor. The cold & hard marble columns and floor were softened with soft grays and whites. The tables are nicely spread apart so that all the customers can have a nice conversation without disturbing or hearing other conversations.

Restaurant de Lauzun offers two types of menus for lunch (and of course offers a la carte as well); the first menu is the Menu Découverte for 41 euros; which includes amuses bouche, entrée, plat, dessert and mignardises or the Menu Surprise for 58 euros; where the chef will surprise us with what he considers is good for the day.

We all chose to have the Menu Découverte.

The amuse bouche was egg plant caviar topped with a green bell pepper mousse (on the right) and avocado cream with white cheese mousse (on the left).

The first starter was Gaspacho accompanied with andalou ice cream, a mosaic of little marinated vegetables, smoked ham and tuna.

The other starter was Volaille et Tortou. Tons of crab meat, poultry and goat cheese stuffed inside a cannelloni of courgette and accompanied with grape fruit ice cream.

The first main was Cabillaud accompanied with a ragoût of escargots.

The other main dish was Bar Sauvage accompanied with a tarte of Bio. tomatoes and Comté cheese.

The other main dish was fillet de Porc gras à Lozère accompanied with seasonal vegetables.

The first dessert was Framboises with chocolate mousse, rice pudding in a crunchy croustillant and topped with a sorbet of red pepper and raspberry.

The other dessert was Pêche on a light muesli biscuit, thyme ice cream, peach juice and croustillant of kasha.

Overall; the food was exceptional! Every dish was a work of art. The colours and flavours of the season truly shinned in every dish. The contrast of textures and tastes were just perfect. The chef truly deserves his Micheline star. I am sure if he keeps up the quality of his cooking, he probably will receive his second one day.

The service is friendly and very efficient. The restaurant was 100% full (which was surprising for me since it was a weekday), there were only two service staff but they were very professional and did everything right to make all the customers happy.

3, bd de l’Esplanade,
34150 Gignac
Tél. 04 67 57 50 83


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