Sunday, September 26, 2010

Xin Tian Di

Our first dinner out back in Bangkok. We were meeting friends and their favourite Peking duck restaurant is in the Gaysorn Plaza. When I heard they wanted Peking duck; my mouth started to water. I loooovvvveeee Peking duck. Though I know it is not very good for my heart & cholesterol...but we live only once.

The restaurant is Xin Tian Di. It has a good reputation in town to have one of the best Peking ducks but at the most reasonable price compared to the other restaurants. We actually think 'cheap' is the more appropriate word.

The restaurant decor is pretty much like any other Chinese restaurants in town. Large round tables with spinning round service tables on the center of the table and white tablewear and chopsticks layed out. The place is immaculately neat & clean.

The first dish was Jellyfish. The jellyfish was chewy, gelatinous and firm. But, we do like this dish; which had a light sesame and chili taste to it. Done very nicely.

The second dish was Spicy & salty fried prawns. The prawns were so fresh. The combination of spicy & salty was amazing. This was a great tasting dish.

The next dish was Broccoli with crab meat. The broccoli was very nice but it was the airy light crab sauce that made this dish stand out. Huge chunks of soft white crab meat was swimming in egg whites (which was not too starchy; which I hate when they do that). A heavenly dish.

The wine to match our dinner was a Kalin Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon from Santa Barbara County. The wine had a light ruby red colour, was medium-bodied and full of fresh fruit flavors of cherry & blackberry. It was an easy going wine that was fairly friendly and went well with all our dishes. The wine started out good but started to fade away during the dinner (which was too bad, but I am assuming due to the old age of the wine).

What we all were waiting for...the Peking Duck. The skin of the duck was dark & matte (which glissened under the lights). The staff perfectly shaved off the excess fat from the skin. The skin was so crispy and tasty. So so good.

The next dish was the Minced duck meat with lettuce. The meat of the duck was tender and so flavourful. Putting the cooked duck meat which was hot into a cold fresh leaf of lettuce was a match made in heaven.

Overall; the food was stunning. Every dish stood out for its unique character & taste. Every dish left a good impression with us. All this greatness at prices that are shockingly cheap, especially since the restaurant is in a high-end shopping mall where the rents are not cheap. What do I mean by cheap? The total bill came to 2,000 baht for all the food we had. We were all looking at each other when the bill arrived because we could not believe how affordable the place is.

How on earth does Xin Tian Di survive is any ones guess. Most of the time we go to Xin Tian Di; the place is empty. For our sake; I hope they survive many many more years so we can keep enjoying more Peking duck.

Oh by the way; the service is absolutely professional; there is a woman who has been there for a long time and even knows what we eat; so we don't even look at the menu anymore (that is a good thing).

Address: 999 Ploenchit Road, Ratchaprasong Junction
Tel: +66 (0) 2656 1149
Opening Hours: 10:00-20:00
BTS: Chidlom

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