Tuesday, September 14, 2010

KGB - Kitchen Gallerie Bis (Paris, France)

After visiting the Spring Boutique; we started walking towards the restaurant we have read so much about.

Crossing the Seine River.

Another view of the Seine River and the now closed down La Samaritaine. The department store (which was architecturally beautiful), which had been operating at a loss since the 1970s, was finally closed in 2005 because the building did not meet safety codes. The rumor in town is that it will be turned into a 5 star hotel. No one is really sure.

Another view of the Seine River with Les Invalides and Eiffel Tower in the background.

We finally reached our destination...KGB. No it is not the Russian secret service; KGB stands for Kitchen Gallerie Bis. This is the baby sister of the incredibly famous one Micheline starred Ze Kitchen restaurant by Chef-owner William Ledeuil. Therefore; it would only make sense that KGB would have the halo affect from both and also be a very popular restaurant. We read good reviews for KGB and of course we needed to try it.

For the starter; we shared a set of 5 tapas. We were delighted & disappointed at the same time when the tapas arrived at our table. We were delighted because what we saw was a mix of beautifully presented tapas bursting with vibrant colours; but, we were disappointed because it each tapas was the size of a table spoon. OK; I am exaggerating but I am not far from that description. For example; there was only one strip of smoked salmon or there were only two shrimps. What the *@%!...at 19 euros; this was not good value for money. However; each tapas tasted wonderful. Too bad we were longing or more food but we were being too stingy to pay for more.

My friend's main dish was a Poitrine de Veau. The portions for the main dishes were perfect. Each dish arrived in bowl which is a nice concept. The veal was amazingly tender & juicy. Everything in the bowl; from the veal, to the seasonal mushrooms to the mashed celery tasting absolutely wonderful. The thick & rich sauce added so much flavour to everything in the bowl. This was a hearty dish and it was fabulous.

My main dish was Thon Blanc with seasonal colourful vegetables. The burst of colours in this bowl was magnificent. I could not wait to try the white tuna because is it a seasonal fish and is only available until the end of September. The white tuna was so tender yet firm. The seasonal vegetable and mashed pumpkin tasted wonderful and were a perfect company for the white tuna. The light & airy foam sauce was a delight and just added the right flavour to everything in the bowl. Such a lovely dish.

The veal and white tuna were definately a much better deal. At 28 euros for each dish; they were worth every euro. So so yummy.

Overall; the service was good at KGB, the decor was very minimalist but what was interesting was that on the huge white walls hung vibrant coloured paintings from different painters. This was a nice contrast to the somber white walls and furnishings. The atmosphere was alive with chatter since the place was full of customers. The food was outstanding no matter that the tapas were a joke. Another great place to add to our 'to eat' places in Paris. The next stop...the big sister restaurant Ze Kitchen.

25 rue des Grands Augustins
75006 Paris
Tel.: 01 46 33 00 85

Métro: Saint Michel or Odéon

Open Tuesday-Saturday for lunch and dinner. Fixed-price menus: €27 and €34 (lunch), with mineral water and coffee thrown in

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