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2 Star Michelin chef Edouard Loubet at La Scala, Sukhothai Hotel

A two star Michelin chef was in town and cooking at La Scala at the Sukhothai Hotel. The visiting chef was Edouard Loubet (at 26 Edouard was the youngest chef ever to earn a Michelin star. His inspired dishes are infused with an abundance of hand-picked local ingredients mixed with an eclectic haul of obscure, especially delicious delicacies), the Chef & owner of 2 Michelin Star La Bastide de Capelongue in Bonnieux, France. We read fantastic things about the chef's cooking, so had to go to the promotion at the Sukhothai.

The Scala is normally the Sukhothai's Italian restaurant. But, when the promotions, is normally at held at La Scala. The restaurant is a stunningly modern space with an amazing lay-out and decor. Earthy tones of browns, blacks & beiges with hints of burgundy run throughout the restaurant. The lighting is great and the ambiance is chic & stylish. The food at La Scala is very very very expensive and that is one of the reasons why we seldom go eat there.

The open kitchen is in the middle of the restaurant. So, no matter where you sit in the restaurant you can always see what is happening in the kitchen. That is part of the fun of going to La Scala; seeing the action in the kitchen.

The first dish was carrots from chef Edouard's garden. He hand carried them from France. They were the most amazing tasting carrots ever.

The second dish was ecrevisse (cray fish). The ecrevisse was so fresh & firm. The bouillon the ecrevisse was laying in was so good that I just poured the whole thing into my mouth. I could not waste time with a spoon.

The third dish was loup de mer (sea bass). The loup de mer was cooked perfectly; it was moist & tender (very fresh). The jus added fantastic flavours to the fish.

The white wine we had was Trelans 2005 by Alain Chabanon. The Trelans is probably the most unique white wine in the world. It can actually claim the title of the only white wine with the assemblage of chenin blanc and vermentino. The wine was a luscious golden colour with a complex nose and overtones of dried flowers, citrus and spice. Rich, rounded mouth: an intriguing blend of tangy herbs with hints of honey and apple. It went very well with the food.

The fourth dish was baby lamb smoked with rosemary in a woke. The presentation was a show in itself. Chef Edouard arrived at our table holding a wok with a lid. He lifted the lid and a puff of smoke poured out revealing a beautiful baby lamb smoked with rosemary & herbs. The chef took it back to the kitchen to be prepared. The lamb was cooked perfectly, it was so tender & juicy and it tasted fabulous.

The side dishes for the baby lamb. Lovely vegetables in bamboo steamer and pomme dauphinoise.

The red wine we had was 2003 L'Esprit de Font Caude by Alain Chabanon. The L'Esprit wich is made of 70% Syrah/30% Mourvèdre; and has a long maceration and 24 months in barrique. The wine was seductive, had a liquoricey nose with some sweet fruit and a bit of spiciness and earthy complexity. It had a chunky palate, quite tannic, in a rich savoury style. Quite a big wine with a touch of alcohol on the finish. A gorgeous wine and one of my favourites.

The fifth dish was a melange of citrus fruit toped with vanilla ice cream. A refreshing break before the hot desserts arrived. The pomelo & oranges were a good combination of sweet, sour, tangy & acidity.

The sixth dish was creme brule. The creme brule was perfect; rich, creamy, and smooth.

The seventh dish was a soufle. The soufle was so light that we did not want to touch it or it would have collapsed. But the delicate & soft soufle had loads of taste. Very yummy.

The mini desserts to go with the coffee.

The whole evening turned out to be absolutely FANTASTIC. The visiting chef Edouard turned out to be very friendly person, he ended up talking to us for a while. He was even interested in the Languedoc wines we were drinking since he is from the South of France as well. We gave him a taste of the wine and he was very impressed.

We have to say that this was 'the' best visiting chef promotion we had been to in Bangkok and believe me, we have been to a lot. We don't know if it was because he brought his staff from France, or that he hand carried several kilos of carrots (and I am sure other things as well) on his flight to Bangkok, or that he simply is an amazing chef with great talent or it was the combination of all that, that made the evening very memorable.

We are looking forward to the next visiting chef promotion at La Scala. Actually, we already reserved a table for the next one and we cannot wait...its going to be Pascal Barbot and Christophe Rohat (formerly sous chef and maître d’hôtel at l’Arpège) of the impossible to get a table L'Astrance from Paris! Yes, can you believe it? The three star Michelin L'Astrance is coming to Bangkok! Yeeepeeee!!!

La Scala @ Sukhothai Hotel Bangkok
13/3 South Sathorn Rd., Silom / Sathorn, Bangkok - 02-3448888

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