Friday, January 22, 2010

Taling Pling

I met a friend for lunch at Central World since I had already had a business meeting there. We decided to have Thai food and we met at Taling Pling. Taling Pling is an old and established restaurant on Silom Rd. It has a big following and they finally opened another branch in Central World Shopping Mall.

This restaurant is a more modern version of the traditional & original Taling Pling.

The first dish was deep fried fish. Who can resist deep fried fish with sweet & sour glaze. A lovely dish. The outer part of the fish was slighty crispy and the inside was soft & moist.

The second dish was mushroom salad. A light, refreshing & delicious dish with lots of flavours and lots of different textures from the many different types of mushrooms.

The third dish was spicy pork. A simple dish of pork covered with a tasty & spicy sauce. The pork was tender and the sauce was so spicy that my scalp started to itch; that is a good thing.

The fourth dish was deep fried Thai veggies. I do love fried food and this is one of my favourites. There are many versions (my all time favourite is the one from Kan Eng I restaurant in Phuket) and this one was very yummy.

The fifth dish was nam-prik with cat fish. The home made nam-prik was spicy but very tasty. The spicy nam-prik with fresh vegetables is a great combination.

The sixth dish was gaeng som soup. One of my favourite soups with egg omellete and shrimp. The wonderful sour, salty, sweet and spicy flavours blended together is great.

The seventh dish was deep fried fish skin with lemon grass. Crunchy & crispy fish skin with lemon grass tasted marvelous. The textures and flavours are out of this world.

There were only two of us and yes, we ate this much. Its quite normal for us.

Overall; the modern Taling Pling is a very nice place to have lunch. Easy to get to with the BTS, the room is large and airy, the food is delicious, the service is good and the prices are very reasonable.

Central Mall, Ratchada Road
Bangkok, 10500
02-234 4872

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