Monday, January 25, 2010

Pasta 54

A friend of mine introduced me to this very unique restaurant. The restaurant is in the chef's home. Here is the short story of the chef. She studied in Italy, came back to Bangkok, got bored so opened the restaurant in her home.

She turned one of the rooms in her home into the dinning room. Very basic decor with a few Italian memorabilia hanging on the walls.

The first dish was tomato, mozzarella & basil salad.

The second dish was rocket salad.

The third dish was minestrone soup.

The fourth dish was speghetti with bacon & garlic.

The fifth dish was home made cheese ravioli.

The sixth dish was pepperoni & parma ham pizza.

The seventh dish was pork chop.

The eighth dish was Italian meat balls.

The ninth dish was fish.

The tenth dish was pasta carbonara.

The eleventh dish was mushroom pizza.

This is the house/ restaurant. When you arrive, you ring the doorbell, the maid comes and opens the gate for you. Takes you to the room that was turned into the dinning room, turns on the lights, the music and the air-conditioning. Its cute in a strange way. Its just like going to someone's home to eat and paying afterwards for their cooking.

Overall; it is not the best Italian food in town but it is very good. Very home cooking. The pastas tasted very good. The pizzas were also good but I was not a fan of the pizza dough. Pasta 54 uses good ingredients and the food is cooked well. The prices are very reasonable and the portions are good. I personally, like the concept of eating in someone's home. Very unique for Bangkok. It is a cozy place to eat and hang around. The chef and her help are very friendly.

I only know where this restaurant is but do not know exactly the address. I will get it for you guys very soon. All I know is that Pasta 54 is one of the sub-sois of Thonglor.

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