Thursday, January 28, 2010

Coconut ice cream at Chatuchak Market

After having a very good lunch at Chatuchuk Market; it was time to get my dessert. There is a very famous & popular stall that only sells fresh coconut ice cream. This was the 'original' coconut ice cream stall. When it became so popular, others started popping up as well. But, we still go back to the original.

First, you order an ice cream, then the boy will hand to you a plastic cup of fresh coconut juice (by the way, which is very good to fight your cholesterol level) while you are waiting for them to prepare the ice cream. The ice cream is placed into a coconut shell and then topped with fresh coconut meat and peanuts.

Since it is very very very hot at the Chatuchuk Market; this ice cream stop is very refreshing and a great tasty break from all the walking, shopping and bargaining (the most fun part of Chatuchuk) that we do while at Chatuchak Market.

The ice cream is rich, soft, creamy and yummy. The coconut meat and peanuts add extra texture. I just love going to Chatuchak Market.


Fatima Shakeel said...

Hi, I love your blog! I was wondering, is this ice-cream stall open on weekdays too? I really want to try this but I might not be able to get to Chatuchak Market on the weekend!

Chris80 said...

Hi, how do i know which is the original stall? :D

Jobless Girl said...

Coconut Ice cream looks yummy

Edmund.. said...

Hi- the food looks so GOOD.. Do you have the restaurant name and exact location or where it might be near to? Thanks!!