Thursday, January 07, 2010

Cha Cha An

We get a massage every Sunday at Healthland for our weary bodies after such a long week at work. We discovered a lovely Japanese restaurant near by the massage place. The restaurant is called Cha Cha An and it is in a small cute house. We eat there now every Sunday after the massage.

The restaurant has a modern feel but with Japanese decoration and touches. The waitresses are in kimonos and there are tatami booths where you have to take off your shoes to enter. A private, relaxing and cozy place to eat.

The first dish was cold tofu. Light and refreshing start to dinner. The soft texture of tofu with soy sauce and dried bonito flakes is a great combination.

The second dish was sauteed salmon steak. A very nice dish where the salmon was very fresh, oily and tasty. Cooked perfectly and the light soy sauce added the right touch of saltiness.

The third dish was a Sashimi Takki. A medium sized plate of a selection of sashimi. The sashimi is very fresh and tasty at Cha Cha An. There are times that we order sashimi and we are told they just run out of samshimi and that they have to wait for the next shipment. Shows you how popular their sashimi is.

The fourth dish was tempura ebi. The ebi is fried to a golden brown. The tempura batter is light and flaky and the ebi is tender & juicy. They really know how to fry them tempura.

The fifth dish was cold soba noodles. One of my favourite dishes to end a Japanese meal. I like the ritual of taking the cold noodles and dunking the noodles into the sauce sauce with wasabi, taking out the noodles from the sauce and stuffing the noodles into my mouth. A simple but great dish.

Over all, a very relaxing & cosy restaurant with delicious food and good service. Very affordable and there are unique dishes on the menu that I have not found in other Japanese restaurants.

(sorry, I lost the business card with the address and phone number; I will be eating there soon and get all the information and will post it)

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