Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ruen Thong

My department had a farewell lunch for a collegue and we took him to a very popular Thai restaurant near the office. Since there were so many of us; we went overboard ordering food; but we enjoyed every single dish.

The experts ordering the food for everyone. Since we ordered so much food (double portions of course since there were so many of us), I will just name the food for you and you will have to trust me when I say that the food was delicious.

First dish kao-tung (fried rice cakes with coconut & peanut sauce).

The second dish was kung chae nam pla (raw shrimp salad).

The third dish was som tum Thai.

The fourth dish was yum tua ploo (wing bean salad).

The fifth dish was gai-yang (grilled chicken).

The sixth dish was tom-yum goong.

The seventh dish was yum nuea (grilled beef salad).

The eight dish was kung mae nam tod kra tiem (deep fried prawns with garlic).

The ninth dish was pla tod nam pla (deep fried fish in fish sauce).

A simple restaurant but serving amazing tasty Thai food at really affordable prices. I am surprised how busy this restaurant gets during lunch time with office workers. Our office and this restaurant is pretty much in the middle of no where. It just shows how good the food is here if people take the time travel for the food.

9 Narathiwasratchanakarin Road Chongnonsee Yannawa Bangkok 517/9
Bangkok, 10120
- 662 6811284

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