Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thai food by ex-Thai Airways stewardess at Chatuchak Market

We read an article about an ex-Thai Airways stewardess opening a small restaurant at Chatuchak Market (the very famous weekend market). The article gave a very good review of the food; so we needed to try it. Chatuchak is a favourite place of mine to visit on the weekend if we have the time. Now there is another reason to visit Chatuchak.

The place was packed when we arrived. The decor like all the other restaurants at Chatuchak is very simple with wooden tables & chairs and fans to cool down the customers. You can see on the wall in the background all the great reviews/ articles about the place. The concept of the restaurant is you can either choose a single plate of rice and select some items to go on top of your rice or you can choose a selection of dishes to try; its kind of like Thai tapas. We wanted to try everything so we chose several dishes to share.

The first dish was fresh crab meat. A very simple dish with light taste of crab and fresh scallion.

The next dish was plump shrimp with ginger. We were not sure what the sauce was, but it was sour & sweet at the same time with loads of ginger aftertaste.

The next dish was chicken with ginger and chinese mushroom. A dish for ginger fanatics.

The next dish was pork & egg in five spice and coconut juice. A favourite dish of mine because my grandmother used to make this for me all the time (I once tried to make this dish; it turned out to be so bad that I don't think I will try that again). The pork was very tender and the jus was on the sweet side but that's the coconut juice's fault.

The next dish was yellow curry with chicken. The chicken was very tender and the curry was rich, thick and tasty. I am sure you can imagine scooping up that rich sauce and putting it on the plain steam rice. Delicious!

The next dish was fried cat fish topped with deep fried onions. The fish was soft, sticky and sweet; while the fried onions were crunchy and salty. A very good combination. However, we did find the sweetness of the fish to be too much.

The last dish was gaeng som with fish. An amazing soup with load of texture from the fish and vegetables. The soup is a tasty combination of sweet, sour, salty and spicy.

Every table gets a big basket of fresh herbs and vegetables to go with their food. What a great idea to add extra texture and flavours.

The woman in the middle of the photo is the ex-Thai Airways stewardess. She is dishing up the orders for the customers. The only bad thing about this place is that you have to be quick if you want to eat something. The place is very popular now and since the food is pre-prepared, by 2:30 pm, everything is gone. Which is a good sign of how yummy the food it. A great aspect of this place is that the ex-Thai Airways stewardess promises that there is no MSG in the food. Finally, a place/ person who thinks that stuff is not needed to have delious Asian food.

Overall; its a simple but charming place to go to have lunch on the weekend if you are going to Chatuchak Market. AND the price is so cheap. For all the food we ate; the bill came to only 450 baht. Nothing bad about that!


ndmorin said...

Any further clues on how to find this great place. Looks so good!

Edmund.. said...

Hi- the food looks so GOOD.. Do you have the restaurant name and exact location or where it might be? Please help! Thanks.