Friday, January 01, 2010

Baan Klang Nam 1

We had a friend visiting us from Gstaadt, Switzerland. He brought his two sons and their wives for holiday. It was the son's and their wives' first time in Thailand. We wanted to take them somewhere that had some charm, nice atmosphere, great Thai hospitality and amazing Thai seafood.

We took them to one of our favourite restaurants; Baan Klang Nam 1. It is a bit out of the center of town. The restaurant is situated next to the Chao Phraya Rivers. The restaurant is designed in an house house with no walls, so everyone has a view of the river. However; the tables on the terrace are the best for the view and breeze.

We started with tod mun goong (deep fried shrimp cakes). I have a addiction to deep fried foods. I know, its not good for me, but once in a while its ok. The tod mun goong here is very good. Deep fried to a golden brown, very crunchy on the outside but moist and juicy on the inside. The oil must be very hot when they fry the tod mun goong because when you bite into them, there is not much oil oozing out. Which is a very good thing.

The second dish was hor mok talay (steamed seafood souffle). The hor mok talay here is very good. I would prefer them a bit more spicy but I understand that most of the foreigners who come to this restaurant would die. The hor mok talay is rich & creamy on the top and once you dig into the bottom, there are big chunks of seafood. All very fresh. The combination is out of this world.

The next dish was tom yum goong (tom yum with shrimp). Our guest asked to have tom yum goong. We did not mind at all. The tom yum goong here is very good. The soup had a very nice combination of sour, sweet & salty tastes. The huge chungs of shrimp were very fresh and tasty.

The next dish was pla kapong keemao (deep fried fish). I really love the way Thais fry their fish. I can eat deep fried fish forever. The outside of the fish was deep fried to a rich golden brown, but it was not over fried like some restaurants tend to do. The once you dig into the fish, the meat inside is moist, juicy & flaky. Just perfect.

The next dish was pu pad phong kari (steamed crab with curry sauce). One of the messiest dishes to eat, but so worth it to get your hands, mouth & clothes dirty with this dish. The crabs were enormous and very fresh. The curry sauce was very rich, creamy and amazingly tasty. The combination of crab and curry is to die for.

The last dish was kung pla goong yang (grilled large river prawns). To end our meal; everyone got half of a giant kung pla goong. Grilled perfectly, the consistency of prawn meat was firm & solid. The taste had a combination of smoke and sea. It was great.

For dessert; a plate of mamuang (mango) and a plate of mix fruit (guava, papaya, watermelon and pineapple). We ate so much that for dessert we just ordered seasonal Thai fruits. The mamuangs from the restaurant were amazing. I have no idea where they got them but they were so sweet and juicy.

Overall; a great place to eat. Great atmosphere & ambiance of the old floating house and the Chao Phraya River. Great & friendly service and the food is amazingly fresh and delicious. It is getting a bit expensive because tourist have found out about this hidden gem on the river. It is too bad for us locals; but don't let it stop you from eating here because it is still one of the best places in town.

288 Soi 14, Th Phra Ram III | Thanon Tok, Bangkok
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