Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tagine de Marrakesh

Friends of ours recommended that we meet for dinner and that they suggested to meet at a Moroccan restaurant. It sounded very interesting so we for sure wanted to try it out. One of the reasons why it was interesting to try out was that the restaurant was in the Grace Hotel (for some reason I have never been in the hotel) is in the middle of the Arab quarter. The Grace Hotel is a huge hotel and is well known in Bangkok for catering solely to an Arab/ middle Eastern clientele and that there are many Uzbekistan 'women of the night' (if you know what I mean).

The name of the restaurant is Tangine de Marrakesh. Our friends who have very good taste in food; and they recommended to eat here with them, so there was no doubt that it was going to be good. The decor is like stepping into Morocco. Moroccan lamps hanging on the ceilings & Moroccan inspired tapestry & tissue covered the furniture and windows.

We let our friend do all the ordering since she ate here more often than us. She selected several Moroccan tasting dishes to start with.

I actually cannot remember the names of these dishes, so I will just explain them to you. The first main dish was a parsley salad. A refreshing beginning for our main course. Full of fresh flavours from the parsley and lemon.

The second dish was chicken & vegetables on cous-cous. I do love cous-cous and this dish did not disappoint. The chicken & vegetables were moist, soft and tasty. The cous-cous was fluffy and a bit dry (the way I like it). The combination is really nice.

The third dish was stewed lamb with prunes & almonds. A real hearty dish with a thick and tasty sauce. The lamb was tender and falling off the bone.

The fourth dish was chicken with preserved lemon. We never had this dish and it was great. The chicken was cooked to perfection and the preserved lemon added a twist in flavour.

For dessert; the waitress recommended we take a typical Morrocan dessert; a dough pastry filled with almond paste. We did enjoy the food but we are not big fans of this dessert. It was a bit dry and way too sweet.

The second dessert was sliced oranges in its own juices and a dash of cinnamon. Fruit as a dessert is always a nice idea and this dish was great. Very refreshing, tangy, sweet and sour.

Since the restaurant did not serve any alcohol; which was too bad because we brought two very good bottles of red wine which would have gone very well with the Moroccan food. We ended up drinking tea the whole night.

Overall the food is really good. Hearty & tasty food in a comfortable atmosphere and very affordable. We did feel a bit lonely because there were not too many customers. The only disadvantage about this restaurant is that they do not allow alcohol.

Soi Nana Nua, Sukhumwit 3 Rd., Bangkok 12
Bangkok, 10110


KiftO said...

Love Cous-cous.. thanks for sharing your information, I will try this restaurant :)

Best Movies said...

Im moroccan live in bangkok I want to know where is exactly this restaurant

Best Movies said...

Im moroccan live in bangkok I want to know where is exactly this restaurant