Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Chez Mathilde (Paris 17th arrond., France)

There is this very small bistro around the corner from the apartment that we have been meaning to try but never got around to it. It's a charming bistro with a very cute but old German shepherd (her name is Samantha) sitting outside welcoming guest.

What always captures our interest for the bistro is that on Chez Mathilde's front window is the numerous awards and good reviews the bistro consistently gets over the years from several food guides.

The decor is simple but with good taste. Wood floors, soft summer colors like yellows, beiges and oranges. The windows were open to let fresh air flow and the sunlight streaming in added a beautiful glow.

There is a lunch menu available; you choose from a selection of choices for your starter, main course & dessert. The first starter was a cold vegetable soup. A very nice selection. I do love the vegetables of the season. The soup was very nice. If you closed your eyes, you can imagine eating fresh vegetables. That was how simple and fresh the soup was.

The second starter was home made country pate. Thick, chunky and full of textures. Tons of meaty, earthy and peppery tastes. With some crunchy baguette, what else can anyone ask for. Simply amazing. The only complaint I would have is that the portions for the starters were a bit small.

The first main course was country chicken with stewed seasonal vegetables. The chicken was tender and juicy. The vegetables were cooked just right (I hate soggy vegetables). A very nice dish for lunch. Full of textures, colours and tastes. Yet, still light so that you do not feel stuffed & heavy after wards.

The second main course was slowly braised pork with a honey sauce, accompanied with penne pasta. The pork was so tender that I cut through it like butter. The nice aspect of this dish was that they did not over do the honey sauce so that it would be too sweet. The sauce just added a nice touch of sweetness and taste to the pork.

The only issue I had with the main courses was that the portions were very small. I think the we only got 150 grams of chicken and pork. And, we only got 100 grams of vegetable and past. I know they want to serve a light lunch but this is waaaayyyy toooo light! Its on the point of being stingy.

The first dessert was a cheese plate. The selection was blue cheese and brie. The cheese was very good. They served the cheese at the right time to eat it, so the flavours really were strong.

The second dessert was an tarte tintin accompanied with home made vanilla ice-cream. Not bad at all. Not too sweet, good tasting apple and the vanilla ice cream was lovely. A great combination.

Over all very nice and charming bistro. Very nice decor, easy going service and good food. But...I feel that it was too expensive for what we got. The portions were too small. It would have been just perfect if the chef was a bit more generous.

41 Rue Guersant
75017 Paris, France
01 45 74 75 27

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