Thursday, December 24, 2009

Eat's My World

I seldom get bad food in Bangkok. But, I actually found a place that can win first prize for really bad food. The place is called Eat's My World. I was with friends in Central World Shopping Plaza on a Saturday. The place was buzzing with thousands of people. I think there are hundreds of restaurants in Central World and every single one that we passed was packed and some had people waiting for a table. But for some odd reason, my friend wanted to try Eat's My World.

For starters, the restaurant was empty. That should have been a warning sign for us. But, since my friend was feeling courageous, we decided to stay. A very bad mistake! The concept of the restaurant is that all the food is Halal and that they serve dishes from different parts of the world: Vietnam, Thailand, USA, Lebanon, Greece, Senegal, Mexico, the Carribbean, Italy and Australia. Another warning sign we should have noticed.

The decor is not bad; the colours of black and purple gave a nice atmosphere. We sat next to a large window which is nice and unique for a shopping mall restaurant.

A mint & mango lassi. I think the only good thing we had.

My friend ordered the Senegalese chicken yassa. I know, just looking at the photo you want to throw up. They must really love their oil in this restaurant because this dish was just too oily. I have never had this dish so I have nothing to compare it to. But, I am sure people from Senegal would be upset.

The Senegalese chicken yassa was accompanied with crispy eggplant cakes. I have to say that these were not bad. Since they were deep fried, I will forgive them that the cakes were greasy.

I ordered the Vietnamese beef loc lac. What arrived was something I have never seen before. First of all, I for sure know that whatever it was, it was not Vietnamese food. Everything was too greasy; the beef, the very strange coloured rice and the oily fried egg on top. The beef was ok, but the rice and egg had no taste; just oil. Very insulting that they call this Vietnamese food!

My friend ordered the Lebanese kefta balls. How on earth can anyone screw up this dish? Well we found a place. The french fries that accompanied the kefta balls were sad and disgutingly soggy. The kefta balls had no taste and had a strage consistency. I would not call this dish food; but I am sure you could have used them as paper weights.

On top of the bad food; we have never had such bad service in our lives. The food took ages to arrive. The bizarre thing was that we were the only ones in the restaurant. How can take more than half an hour to get atleast one dish? And, the bad food did not come cheap.

The next time you see a restaurant that is empty but its neighbors are packed full; go wait in queue at the packed restaurant. There is a reason for everything.

7/F, Central World, Ratchadamri Rd., near BTS Chit Lom
ชั้น7, Central World, ถนนราชดำริ, ใกล BTS ชิดลม
Phone: 02-251-4299

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