Friday, December 11, 2009

Auberge du Salagou (Lac du Salagou, France)

The weather was perfect that a bunch of us decided to go eat at a restaurant near Lac du Salagou. A beautiful lake very near Montpeyroux.

We arrived at Auberge du Salagou almost at sundown, so we were lucky to have some light and see the beautiful lake. Since, it was warm, the restaurant was serving dinner outside on the terrace. Since there were six of us eating together. I am just going to mention all the dishes we had. I felt guilty asking every single person if I could taste their food just so I could blog about it. Atleast, everyone was nice enough to wait for me to take a photo before eating their meal.

Auberge du Salagoue house salad.

Seafood salad.

Scallops with cream.

Amazing roasted pork dish.

Fish in a cream sauce.

A nicely roasted duck dish.

A whole fish with a ratatouille sauce.

Tiramisu for dessert.

Lemon merangue pie.

The restaurant was very nice to offer us six glasses of different tasting grapas (mint, lavender, pineapple, etc). Though the thougt was very nice, we all agreed that all the grapas tasted awful.

As usual, we are always the last people in leaving the restaurant. I was very surprised when we arrived at the restaurant that there were six tables occupied. We were in the middle of no where and there were customers at the restaurant. And why not? The view is very nice, the service is pleasant, the food is pretty good, the prices are just right and the atmosphere is easy going. A nice way to spend a lovely evening in the south of France.


Graham said...

Great pictures. Presume this is the B&B and camping place near Salasc and that you obviously dined there back in the summer. The food looks to be good honest fayre where the simple dishes work best, plus somewhere for a group with outside dining and a view.

Lloyd said...

Great posts since your return, many thanks for taking the time to share your experiences.