Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Cafe Flore (Paris 6th arrond. Saint-Germain., France)

We had friends who were spending their honeymoon in Paris. We planned a rendez-vous for drinks before dinner near their hotel. So, we decided to meet at the uber famous Cafe Flore. An institution in Paris.

Indeed, Cafe Flore is very chic and stylish. Where some of the most famous, fashionable, rich, beautiful Parisians (and some tourists) come for drinks (or eat). We prefer Cafe Flore over its main rival next door Cafe Les Deux Margots because its less touristic than Deux Margots.

Situated in the fashionable 6th arrond. Saint Germain. We always like to stop at Cafe Flore for drink after shopping in the area or before going to dinner.

Our friends really liked the atmosphere and we were lost the sense of time talking and drinking. It was time to pay the bill and head to our dinner reservations at one of best bistros in town.

172 Boulevard Saint-Germain
75006 Paris, France
01 45 48 55 26

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