Friday, December 25, 2009

Restaurant L'Huitrier (Paris, 17th arrond. - France)

We were leaving for Montpellier and decided to have a quick lunch before going to the airport. We went to the outdoor market to look around, went to our favourite cheese shop to buy some cheese to take down to Montpellier. After shopping, we were in the mood for oysters. So, we went to an oyster restaurant nearby we read had very good reviews.

We walked in without reserving a table. We thought it would be ok since the place was empty. We asked the manager for a table for two. His response was, 'Ah!'. Normally, that does not sound good. He went to check the reservation book and lucky for us, we got the last table.

The restaurant has a nice decor and has a nice ambiance. The tables are so close to each other, people were excusing themselves every time they were trying to sit down or trying to get up. It is much more difficult since every one has bulky winter outfits.

We first ordered a dozen of fin de clair oysters and six very special fin de clair oysters. We were curious what the difference was. The oysters was amazing. Winter is a great time since we get to eat oysters. Sweet, salty, tender and slimy; just perfect. The only difference that we could taste between the normal fin de clair and special fin de clair oysters is that the special fin de clair oysters were fatter and juicier; but they pretty much tasted the same.

My main course was seafood bisque. A rich, smooth and hearty soup. Full of seafood flavour. Not bad at all.

My friends main course was deep fried eperlain. I always liked these little guys. The eprlains were deep fried to a golden brown, lighty crispy and with a sprinkle of lemon, a very nice and easy meal.

Its good that we have this very nice oyster bar near the apartment. Now when we have a craving for oysters, we know where to go. But, we will make sure we to reserve a table.

16 Rue Saussier Leroy
75017 Paris, France
01 40 54 83 44

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