Sunday, December 27, 2009

Beccofino Italian Ristorante

The chef & co-owner (Angelo Rottoli) of Beccofino has been cooking in Bangkok for several years. He started Beccofino Ristorante & Wine bar right after he left La Scala at the Sukhothai Hotel on Thonglor.

The decor is elegant and charming; whites, beiges, browns and black are the main colours. The restaurant is quite large so that the tables are nicely spaced so that you can have good conversation and not hear your neighbor's conversation.

They make the breads freshly for you after you sit down. I really hate breat that has been sitting around all day or even day old bread. So, I do appreciate the little things Beccofino does like having a bread basket with very tasty, warm and nice selection of breads.

The pizzas at Beccofino are really good. So, we ordered one to share for four people (I could have eaten the whole thing myself, but I did not want our guest to think that I was a pig). Nice thin pizza crust; not soggy at the bottom but actually crispy. The toppings of spinach, mushrooms and spicy Italian sausage were a very nice combination.

The wine we had to go with the entrees was a Kalin Cellars Sonoma Chardonnay. Our friend brought this wine back from California and so we thought it would go well with the Italian food.

The first main course was mushroom and truffle risotto. The rice was cooked perfectly, dish was rich, thick, hearty and full of mushroom and truffle flavours. A very nice dish.

The second dish was a simple pasta with vegetables. Nothing too exciting, but still done well. Simple and delicious. Thats the it should be.

The third main dish was roasted leg of lamb. The lamb was juicy and tender, very good quality piece of meat. It did not even need a sauce; it was just right. Good sized portion and very nice and hearty sides to accompany the lamb.

The fourth main dish was osso bucco. How can anyone not like osso bucco? Becoffino's version is very good. The meat was so tender that it fell of the bone. The sauce was thick and rich. The sauce was full of meat, spice & herb flavours with a hint of lemon.

Overall, a very nice restuarant very good food. The service can be spotty at times; forgetting that we asked for water. I also do not like that waiters/ waitresses who are trained to push the expensive items from the menu like lobster; and that is what happened to us at Beccofino. I tend not to get annoyed and nicely decline their suggestion. However, the service persons are friendly and try to be attentive.

Sukhumvit Soi 55
Bangkok, 10110, Thailand
Tel. 0-2392 1881-2

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