Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Le Mimosa (St. Guiraud, France)

Le Mimosa is considered one of the best restaurants in the Languedoc; chef Bridget has been making people very happy with her amazing culinary skills for over 25 years.

It was a warm evening; so people were dining outside. The outside dining atmosphere is beautiful at Le Mimosa. There are little spots that you can choose to sit; either around the swimming pool, the terrace or the huge wine barrel alcove. We chose to eat in the wine barrel alcove because it allows you to have a bit more privacy.

We had not dined at Le Mimosa for a while; so it was time to enjoy the delicious food & wines at Le Mimosa again. We decided to take the menu degustation, where each dish is masterly paired with a wine by David the wine expert. This has to be one of the best bargains around because not only do you get to eat the best food from the area but also get to drink some of the most amazing wines from France.

The first dish was carrot soup. The soup was rich and smooth, a great starter to wake up our taste buds.

The second dish was roasted fresh scallops. Chef Bridget's daughter Linnet (who handles all the fish cooking at Le Mimosa) is an expert at cooking fish. The scallops were roasted to perfection; still a bit raw in the middle. The scallops were accompanied with a light cream sauce that was tasteful but not over whelming the scallops.

The third dish was open mushroom lasagna. I prefer this modern way of making lasagna. Its much lighter. The fresh mushrooms were amazingly flavourful and earthy.

The fourth dish was a cabillaud fish. The fish was amazingly fresh with a nice solid texture. Accompanied with a light jus and string vegetables. Simplicity at its finest.

The fifth dish was beef from the most famous beef producer 'puech serranne'. The beef was cooked perfectly. It was tender, juicy and tasted very good.

The sixth dish was cheese from the cheese platter. Le Mimosa's cheese platter is known all over the region for its choices of the best cheeses from around the area. Every time the cheese platter arrives at the table, I am amazed at the different type of cheeses are offered. It takes the waitress a couple of minutes to explain each one to the guest.

Le Mimosa is also famous for their dessert trolley. However; we ate so much already and the cheese was the last thing we could consume. Though the desserts looked very tempting; we had to decline.

As usual, we are the last people to leave the restaurant. Another lovely evening at Le Mimosa with delicious food and amazing wines. I always wonder how we ever get up after eating & drinking so much at Le Mimosa.


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