Tuesday, December 08, 2009

La Divina Cafe (Paris, France)

We arrived in Paris from Zurich early evening. We went to the apartment to drop our bags and we decided to take a walk around the neighborhood to discovery a new restaurant to try for dinner.

After walking around we discovered a very nice, charming and cosy Italian restaurant. There a few guest sitting on the sidewalk. The owner was very nice when they saw us, so we decided to have dinner at La Divina Cafe.

The menu had the usual Italian pastas and other dishes. But what helped us made up our minds to what to order was when the waitress passed us with an order for the table next to ours. It was some kind of pasta in an iron cast pot.

The first pasta we chose was cheese ravioli with meatballs. We could not believe the enormous portion that came out. Not that I was complaining. I was just surprised. One portion would have been enough for two to share. The ravioli were great. Skin not too thick and they were cooked just right. The cheese filling was creamy, hot and tasty. The meatballs were chunky, dense and soaked up a lot of the sauce taste. The sauce was light but full of flavour.

The second dish was fettuccini with Italian ham. Another enormous pot of pasta that could have fed a family of ten. The fettuccin was cooked perfectly as well, dense but thin pasta soaking up the thick sauce. The Italian ham added the right amount of saltiness to the dish and another texture.

There was so much pasta left over from both dishes that I was not at all ashamed to ask them to pack it up so that I could take it home.

The kitchen where the simple but very tasty food came out of. I am really glad that we found this small Italian restaurant in the neighborhood.

45 Rue Bayen
75017 Paris, France
01 45 72 60 02

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