Thursday, December 31, 2009

Alain Chabanon Wine Dinner at Le Beaulieu

Alain Chabanon (organic wine maker and considered one of the best wine makers in the Languedoc region) and chef Herve (chef, owner & considered one of the best French restaurants in Bangkok) of Le Beaulieu organised a night of fantastic wines a delicious food.

The guest listening to Alain explain about his philosophy of maing organic wines.

The first wine was Trelans 2005 (vermintino 55%, chenin 45%). The first dish was plancha of hokkaiddo scallops, celeriac puree & fresh chervil.

The second wine was Merle aux Alouettes 2004 (merlot 90%, grenache 10%). The second dish was homemade foie gras terrine, poached pear & Parisian brioche.

The third wine was Les Boissieres 2003 (grenache 84%, mourvedre 8%, carignon 8%). The third dish was roasted baby lamb from Pyrenees, casserole of seasonal vegetables.

The fourth wine was L'Esprit de Font Caude 2003 (syrah 52%, mourvedre 48%). The fourth dish was grilled stockyard beef tenderloin, ratte potatoe & jus de viande.

For dessert, they continued with the L'Esprit de Font Caude 2003. The dessert was baked apple tart & wine jelly, pacojet of vanilla.

Chef Herve taking a peek at the dinning room and smiling at the camera.

Overall; a very good evening. The wine dinner started off a bit chaotic due to some misunderstandings about the organisation of the wines. Once that was settled; the evening passed well. The wines were as usual, amazing. The food was fantastic. The wines and food complemented each other perfectly.

I will have to add that there were some very strange people at the dinner. One very arrogant & annoying older German guy who only drinks Bordeaux wines and considers all other wines not worth his time. The whole evening saying that Alain's wines cannot compete with Bordeaux wines. First of all Alain does not make Bordeaux wines. The German guy totally missed the point of what Alain is trying to do. Then why on earth was this German guy at the dinner? If he knew that nothing can be superiour than a Bordeaux wine, he should have stayed home. It is a shame that people can be so closed minded and actually do not know about wines. Because a true wine lover/ connoisseur would not compare Alains wines to Bordeaux but rate them on thier own merit; its structure, tanins, fruit, nose, longevity, etc.

A young french guy who sat next to me, who actually who works in the wine distribution business in Bangkok, but he had no clue about wines. However; talked as though he did. The problem was not me (since I am clueless about wines), but the people around him were also in the wine business and they could see through his big talk; it was a young guy trying to impress, but in the end making a big jerk out of himself.

But, that is why I like to go to these dinners. I get to meet some very interesting people and learn something from them. I also get to meet some very arrogant and ignorant people and I get to laugh about them.

Sukhumvit Soi 19
Bangkok, 10240, Thailand
02-204 2004


Graham said...

Sadly your observations show the image of the Languedoc still has a way to go.
I took a Grange des Peres 1995 to a lunch and everyone preferred it to the four clarets (mature 2nd and 3rd growths) we also had. Of course they were informed drinkers and not snobs.

Pity there wasn't any Villard for the dessert. Maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

keep update, please..bless you!!........................................