Friday, December 25, 2009

Glou (Paris, 3rd arrond. - France)

I just arrived in Paris...its freezing cold; -5 degrees!!! Quite a body shock from the 30 degrees in Bangkok. To stay awake and get over the jet lag. We decided to take a walk before lunch. But we already made up our minds where we wanted to go for lunch.

We have been following the fawning of the media reception for a new Paris bistro. Run by Julien Fouin, the former editor of RĂ©gal (France's main cooking magazine) and now at Cuisine TV, Glou has been showered with wet kisses by the French critics. So, we needed to try what all the hype was all about.

Glou has a winning formula that combines traditional favourites (pot au feu, pork belly and even their own version of the hamburger) with a simple and modern decor. Its prime northern Marais location doesn't hurt. Luckily we reserved a table because the place was buzzing with hungry people.

The first starter was jambon ibaiona (11.00 euros). A ham we never heard of before; so we had to try it. Very nice texture, good saltiness and tender.

The second starter was soup Glou (7.00 euros). The base of the soup Glou was marrons. It was hearty and thick. The marrons added the sweetness and the vegetables added the acidity. This was the comfort food I needed especially from the freezing Paris weather. A very nice tasting soup.

The first main course was pave de liue (17.00 euros). The fish was very fresh, solid and tender. The white beans were hearty and tasty and added an extra texture to the dish. Very delicious.

The second main course was pot au feu (15 euros). The paleron was amazingly tender; I am sure it cooked for hours. The vegetables were soft and cut like butter. The bouillon was full of beef bone, herbs and vegetable flavours. So so good. One of my favourite dishes in winter. The only problem is finding it; I am not sure why. Maybe they think this dish is too simple to serve in a restaurant.

We had a really good lunch at Glou. We for sure will return. The only problem was the service. The waitress we had was in another zone. Everytime, we needed something we could not find her or get her attention. We waited and waited and finally we had to ask another waiter for what we needed. This happened through out our lunch. The final straw was at the end of the lunch; we waited so long for her attention (she was just standing there) that my friend got up, went to her and asked if it was possible to have two coffees. Lucky for her, service charge is included in the bill because I would have not left anything.

101, rue Vieille du Temple (rue de la Perle), 75003 Paris

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