Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Or Taw Kaw Food Market (Chatuchak)

An institution for foodies in Bangkok. The Or Taw Kaw Food Market at Chatuchak is must for anyone who wants to be stunned by food in terms of sights, sounds, smells, textures and tastes. They have practically anything you want to eat in Thailand. From the exotic to the seasonal to the very strange. We love going to Or Taw Kaw on weekends. On top of that I want to eat everything in sight. But I especially love the grilled pork satays and the crispy pork. Yuuuummmmyyyy!!!!

There is always millions of people shopping at Or Taw Kaw. But is part of the fun; the atmosphere is always buzzing with buyers and sellers.

The left photo is herbed dried shrimp. The right photo is a stall of local Thai veggies.

A stall with stuffed calamari, steamed prawns, hor-mok (seafod soufle), deep fried & steamed crab.

The photo on the left is a stall with meats. The photo on the right is a stall with fresh fish.

An amazing selection of Thai desserts but are deadly for your cholesterol level.

The photo on the left is a stall with jasmine flowers. The photo on the right is a selection of Thai dipping sauces (nam-prick) for vegetables.

Compared to Chatuchak which is only open Fridays - Sundays; Or Taw Kaw is open everyday. Once you see the market you will be hooked and will keep returning. We have for years.

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