Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tacos and Salsa

We were taken to Tacos and Salsa the first time by a journalist friend. He told us that this is one of the most authentic and delicious Mexican restaurants in town. Tacos and Salsa just moved into its new location. The food was not very good. The food was bland and mediocre at best. The excuse was that the kitchen was not yet properly installed.

So, when I had to have dinner with a few friends, I decided to take them to Tacos and Salsa to give them another chance. For beginners; you have to really keep your eyes open for the restaurant when you are walking on Sukhumvit or you will pass it.

The decor is very simple but with festive & bright colours. The restaurant is very small, there are about five tables and a bar downstairs and a small dinning area upstairs where the kitchen is.

The owner is from Mexico and apparently the authentic and traditional recepies come from his family in Mexico.

The first dish was nachos. Not bad at all. First of all, it is should not be too difficult to make nachos. All you need is fresh ingredients. And, that is what they had for the nachos. Good quality corn chips, lots of cheese, jalepeno peppers, tomatoes and sour cream. Not very good for your diet, but who cares. It was good.

The three types home made salsas to accompany the nachos. Warning; becareful of the green salsa...damn spicy. Your scalp will itch and you will start perspiring but its very tasty.

We also ordered the home made guacamole. Fresh avocados, tomatoes, lime & lemon. Chunky & soft texture. So simple and so good.

The first dish was chicken tamales. The tamales arrived covered in a corn husk wrapping. Once unwrapped the lovely smell of corn meal and spiced chicken lingered. The tamales were soft and had good consistency. The filling was chunky, tender and tasty. A nice dish.

The second dish was beef enchiladas. A hard & crispy corn base piled high with sauteed beef, spicy sauce, cheese and lettuce topped with sour cream. A nice and hearty dish. The beef was very tender and delicious. Apparently, the chicken, beef and pork cook for hours so that they are tender and tasty.

The next dish was chicken tacos. The taco shells were soft flour tortillas. The filling was chicken, tomatoes, lettuce and sour cream. Another nice dish, easy to eat and satisfying.

For dessert, we ordered empanadas. Deep fried flour tortillas covered in honey and powdered sugar. Nothing special about this dessert but it was good. The glow in the dark pink ice cream though was very scary. I did not dare taste it.

The next dessert was flan. The flan had a soft but sturdy consistency and a nice rich caramel sauce. A nice dessert.

I do not know much about Mexican food. But, what we had at Tacos and Salsa was very good. I like the idea that they home make their salsas, their meats sautee for hours and the ambiance is easy going. A really nice place to hang out with your friends for affordable good food and Mexican beer.

Bangkok, 422 Sukhumvit Rd.
(Next to Washington Square and opposite Sukhumvit soi 33)

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