Tuesday, December 08, 2009

SWISS, business class to Zurich

We took the Swiss flight to Zurich and then to Paris. It's a long story why we did not fly Istanbul - Paris direct. Its been a long time since I flew with Swiss; actually, the last time I took it was when it was named Swiss Air. Not it's just Swiss.

The flight was four hours. The cabin was comfortable enough and the service was good. Typical Swiss precision.

We were served lunch. The meal started with dried Swiss meat, accompanied with salad, a fig and walnuts. I really love dried Swiss meat, it reminds me of the skiing trips we use to take every December. The good old days. The dried meat for our meal was not bad at all.

The second dish was a mache salad. Another favourite of mine. The salad was topped with chopped boiled egg and fried lardons. I have to say, I was surprised how fresh the salad was. The main course was venison accompanied with red cabbage and spaetzle. Again, I was really pleasantly surprised that the main course was good. The venison was flavourful from the sauce and the meat was not too dry, the red cabbage had a good texture (not too soggy) and thank goodness it was not too sweet and finally the spaetzle was not too chewy but a tad too buttery. Otherwise, a great meal.

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