Friday, December 25, 2009

Le Terrasse du Mimosa (Montpeyroux - France)

We are back to Montpeyroux. Since we arrived late, we decided not to cook and to go eat the wine bar/ bistro Le Terrasse du Mimosa for dinner.

Le Terrasse always has a nice ambiance. It is warm, cozy and has a lovely glow with all the candles burning.

We had a platter of toasted bread with different toppings such as tepenade or tomato with cheese, etc. go with our aperitif.

The lovely Christmas table setting.

The choice for the entree was between prawns or pigeon. I took the prawns. Though not a unique dish, I wanted something light before my main course. The prawns had a good texture; firm and sturdy. A nice dish.

The rest of the people at our table took the pigeon. Its not normal to have pigeon an entree, so everyone was eager to have it. The pigeon was cooked perfectly and was tender. It had a very nice taste. The sauce was light and added the right flavours to make it a very nice dish.

The first main dish was jarrett d'agneau. The jarrett was so tender and soft that it just fell off the bone. The rich and dense sauce gave so much flavour to the agneau. The chef really knows what she is doing.

The second main dish was joue de boeuf. A favourite dish of mine when done right. I was already very happy when I got a huge portion of the joue de boeuf. I was even happier when the boeuf was tender and tasty. The sauce was rich, thick, dark and flavourful sauce paired so well with the bouef. I was very conent after this dish. So much so that I had to turn down cheese and dessert. There must have been something wrong with me.

As usual, it is nice to be back to Montpeyroux for the Christmas season. But, it is always nice to be back at Le Terrasse du Mimosa. Such a welcoming place, with such friendly staff. Oh, and it helps that the place has very good food and fantastic wines.

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