Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Street Market (Hong Kong)

Our last day in Hong Kong so we wanted to walk around, play tourist and go shopping. We passed a fresh produce outdoor market on our way to one of destinations. As everyone knows, the Chinese are fanatics about the freshness of their produce.

Here is the freshest fish you can get. All still moving.

Sunday shoppers.

The photo on the left is a woman selling different types of tofu. The photo on the right is fruit stand.

BUT; this was the most amazing stall of them all. Fish mongers perfectly slicing live fish down the middle and leaving the halved fish with its heart still pumping for all the customers to see. It was very gruesome! That's what I call wanting very fresh fish.

The photo on the left is a vegetble stand. The photo on the right is a crustacean and shell fish stand.

Walking around Hong Kong island with its tall buildings and modern shopping malls; reminded us that normal life still exists on the streets of Hong Kong. Fantastic outdoor markets and street food. Instead of taking the underground all the time; we highly recommend that you walk or take the tram. You really get to see amazing things that you would normally not with the underground.

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