Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lunch on sidewalk

My first day back to the office in Bangkok. Lunch time is a very special occasion for us in the office since we like to get into the car and drive somewhere for lunch (there is absolutely nothing, nada, rien, zilch to eat near our office) I was in the mood for something simple & cheap. My office colleagues and I decided to go to one of our favourite side street stalls for crispy pork.

The owner of the stall is always very nice to accomodate a large gang like ours. His staff always get extra tables and chairs and sets them up for us.

The first dish to share was a large portion of roasted duck in thick black bean gravy. I am addicted to roasted duck. The skin of this duck was crispy and tasteful. The duck meat was tender and juicy. The thick sauce was gooey and flavourful. It is normal that we got two portions of this yummy stuff.

The next order was shrimp wonton soup. I try to avoid soups during lunch time because I know it is full of MSG and I always fall asleep after eating it. However; I am weak and eat the the wonton soup. The shrimp wontons were plumb and juicy. The soup was lightly salty and had a lovely hint of chicken essence.

The third dish was a large order of the famous crispy skin pork. Just looking at it my cholesterol levels sky rocket. But, I cannot resist. The crackly & crispy skin makes a great crunchy sound the first second you bite into the pork. The pork meat is a bit dryer than the duck but still juicy. We never put a sauce on the pork because it is goos as is.

The fourth dish was sour gourd soup. Another MSG filled soup but totally different from the wonton soup in taste. The sour gourd is not for everyone (even some of the people at my table), but the sour gourd is the star of the soup. Very bitter and sour, it makes the soup stand out.

Finally, a few dim-sum to end our lunch. Pork, shrimp and fish won-tons. Of course these are not the best in the world, but they will do. They were still good enough and we cannot complain about the price. They cost nothing.

So another wonderful day having a simple and cheap lunch with my colleagues. Nothing gets better than this. Oh...I did fall asleep in the office.

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