Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Alain Chabanon Wine Dinner at Pullman Hotel

Alain Chabanon the famous wine maker from the Languedoc was invited to have a wine dinner at Deja Vu, the French restaurant at the Pullman Hotel. Deja Vu is an enormous restaurant; think space and volume. Modern chic design with reds, blacks and browns as its major hues. A very dramatic concept with very good French cooking.

The long table with people attending Alain Chabanon's wine dinner.

The amuse bouch was a macarron fois gras. A very unique starter. Soft and slighty crunchy texture just like a macarron but the twist is the fois gras. A combination of sweet and salty was very prominant. A nice way to start the evening.

The first dish was tuna. Lightly seared, the tuna was cooked perfectly. Encrusted with sesame seeds and a light jus to accompany the tuna. A very light and simple dish but full of taste.

The next dish was salmon steak. A large piece of salmon steak that was cooked perfectly; still raw in the middle. Such a simple dish, but done so well. The tasty side dish of petite pois puree was also a nice change from the typical pomme puree.

The final dish was duck cooked two different ways. A nice touch in giving dinners different textures and tastes from the same product. The duck was tender and juicy. Another very delicious yet simple dish.

The dessert was sauteed pineapple. This was the only disappointment of the evening. The chef really impressed us with his skills of using fresh produce and cooking simple but yet delicious dishes. For some reason, this dish did not blend well with the entire dinner menu. For sure it was a simple dessert; pineapple is found everywhere in Thailand. But we felt the execution was not thought out properly; meaning the accidity of the pineapple was too over whelming for the dessert. The sauce was too sweet and the accompanying merangue was useless.

Here is the GM of the hotel and Alain Chabanon talking to customers about the food and Alain's wines.

Overall, a very nice evening. Deja Vu is an amazing restaurant for its sheer size and volume. The food is consistently delicous and the best thing of all...the food is very very affordable for such quality. The service is impecable and very friendly. I always look forward to see what the chef at Deja Vu comes up with.


8/2 Rangnam Road, Thanon-Phayathai, Bangkok
02-680 9999

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prayer.t said...

the chef at water library (the one who used to be at ember) really knows his pineapples!