Sunday, December 20, 2009

La Terrasse du Mimosa (Montepeyroux, France)

Another stunning beautiful day in Montpeyroux. So, we decided to go eat at the only restaurant that had outdoor dining near our home. The restaurant is called La Terrasse du Mimosa.

I really like this restaurant. The terrace where the fine dining happens is calm and very pretty. It sits in the middle of the village square. The terrace is covered with lovely trees and there is always a slow cool breeze passing.

When I sit outside on the terrace, it reminds me why I do love the south of France so much. The beautiful weather, the good food & wind and the friendly people.

The first dish was a salmon fillet accompanied with roasted potatoes and green peas. The salmon was cooked perfectly (slightly raw in the middle). What I like about this dish was that they did not cover the salmon with a heavy sauce. The salmon had a lovely taste of ginger and olive oil (a very nice combination).

The second dish was roasted chicken accompanied with cous-cous and stuffed tomatoe. The chicken was roasted very well, leaving the skin nice and crispy. The meat was tender and juicy. A basic dish but satisfying non the less.

For dessert, we shared clafoutis au figs. The taste of the figs were very sweet and fresh; however, the clafoutis was overcooked and dried out. There was barely any moisture left in the clafoutis. I have had better desserts here. This was a disappointment.

Inside the Terrasse du Mimosa. The staff at the Terrace du Mimosa are really nice and attentive. They know their wines and are always ready for suggestions. That is really good especially for a person like me who has no clue about wines of the area.

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