Thursday, December 24, 2009


I have been going to Sonie's Japanese restaurant for 'I think' 15 years. It is not a traditional Japanese restaurant. Its modernised Japanese food. Sonie the owner and chef has created a favourite neighborhood restaurant. He has a huge following.

His first restaurant on Sukhumvit soi 23 is thank goodness still there. There is nothing special about the decor but the service is always nice and the food is the hero.

We like to come to Sonie's for his unusual sushi rolls. They also have the coolest names that you will always remember when you want to order the next time, and I guarantee you, you will order them again and again. They are delicious.

The first roll we ordered was the 'Oh My God!' rolls (spicy tuna rolls). This roll is amazing. The fresh tuna is spicy and chunky. The rice is rolled in black poppy seeds. You will not find this anywhere.

The second roll we ordered was the 'Caterpillar Roll' (eel & avocado roll). Another favourite of mine because I like eel. The combination of the eel and the avocado is unbelievable.

The third roll we ordered was the 'Spider Roll' (deep fried soft shell crab roll). This huge and scary roll is stunning. The legs of the soft shell crab stick out of the roll and looks like a piece of art. On top of that, the roll is so big, you need to take several bites out of it before its done. So good!

The next dish was seared tuna salad. Such a great tasting salad. So many flavours and textures. The tuna cooked perfectly and the Japanese dressing light but flavourful.

The next dish was katsudon-curry rice. A very hearty meal. My friend did not know what to order and old reliable katsudon-curry rice is always the safest bet. Sonie's version is very delicious. It's an enormous portion. The deep fried pork was a perfect golden brown and crispy. The curry was rich and thick; full of beef and vegetables flavours.

The next dish was pan fried pork with mushroom sauce. Not sure how Japanese this dish is; but Sonie is also popular for his rendition of pastas and western food. The pork was thick and juicy and the cream sauce was rich and creamy. A perfection combination. The mushrooms added nice flavour and texture to the dish.

A favourite neighborhood restaurant of mine. You always need one of these type of restaurants near your home. Reliable and consistent delicious food, great service and affordable. Nothing beats Sonie's for his creativity of modernised Japanese food.

59/1 Soi Sukhumvit 31 Sukhumvit Road, 10110 Klongtoey, Bangkok
p: 662 2584247

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