Wednesday, June 11, 2008

200 Year Old Soup

There is a very unique and special soup restaurant on Ekamai (across the street from Santika). This restaurant has a myth so strong that every weekend, hordes of people from every social status comes to eat here (it is also open during week days, but I have never been). The story goes like this; Once Upon Time...there is enormous pot of soup over a fire that has not been turned off for the last 200 years and the pot has not been cleaned that long as well (ok, I made up the 200 years, but believe me, it has not been turned off and cleaned for a very long time).

Before you say anything. It really does not look that bad. The enourmous pot has every part of the beef sauteing, stewing and cooking in the pot. Oh yes, this is not a place for vegetarians. They love their beef here. The restaurant is a very basic shop house. It has very basic tin tables and chairs and is family runned.

This is how the restaurant works. You either can sit down and order what you want. Or what I do is go directly to the soup person and point to the things I want and not want in my soup. You need to be really careful because you can end up with body parts that you never would want to eat.

I always order sen-mee with fresh beef, stewed beef, beef balls (2 kinds; rough & smooth). There are hundreds of combinations you can choose to eat the soup. The noodle soup is really out of this world. Its so good, probably because the soup has been cooking all day. I do not worry too much about hygiene here. So many people eat here, that the staff needs to keep re-filling the soup pot. So, I am not worried about the food sitting around for 200 years.

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