Friday, June 13, 2008

Boon Tong Kiat: chicken rice

Looking for a good Singapore Hainanese chicken rice (khao manh gai)? Go to Thonglor between soi 14 & 16. The place is called Boon Tong Kiat. The owner of the this restaurant used to be a partner in Boon Tong Kee (does not exist anymore), the original Singapore Hainanese chicken rice on Thonglor. Boon Tong Kiat is a very simple shop house. What is so funny about the place is that you could actually go 'ice skating' on the floor. I have no idea if they clean the floor so well that it becomes so slippery or that the oil from the chicken fat is so engrained into the floor that that is the reason for the floor being so slippery.

The place is fun. All the food & drinks has photos and they are plastered all over the walls. Which makes you very hungry and tempting to try everything. But, the main reason to go is the chicken rice (no skin).

The chicken is very moist and has a nice flavour. What is also good is the way they cook their rice. The rice is cooked in the chicken stock with ginger. It is so flavourful. To add more flavour, there are three jars of fresh ginger, red chili sauce & green chili sauce.

The next dish is fried turnip with eggs and shrimp. A typical Singaporean dish. A very nice dish, especially with the red chili sauce.

The next dish was roasted red pork ribs with rice. The ribs were good, but they put too much of the sweet sauce over the ribs. I forgot about this and forgot to ask them not to put too much of it.

Boon Tong Kiat has a lot of Singaporean dishes to order besides chicken rice. You can also order such dishes as Lak-sa or Rajak. It is a nice place to have a quick and yummy lunch.

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