Monday, June 30, 2008

Bharani (TCDC)

I finished work late, I was alone so, I decided to see movie at Emporium. I was hungry so I decided to have dinner at Bharani at TCDC. Bharani is one of the oldest Thai restaurants that serve Thai and 'farang' (foreign) food. Bharani was the first restaurant to make chicken pie from scratch. Their first restaurant has been open since 1954 near Sukhumvit soi 23. They opened their second restaurant in the TCDC (Thailand Creative & Design Center). The new Bharani is a very nice designed restaurant. Wood floor with gold & yellow tones.

The first dish was one of their specialties; taco pizza. Thin and crispy home made corn chips toped with minced chicken (you can also choose beef or pork), shredded cheese and diced cabbage. The taco pizza also comes with a home made spicy salsa sauce. The chips are light, the combination of minced chicken, cheese, lettuce and the great spicy sauce is very nice.

The main dish was rice fried with green curry, chili, baby aubergine and topped with deep fried fish skin. This is one of my favourite dishes. I love fried rice but this one with the green curry ads another dimension. It is very delicious. The deep fried fish skin ads a wonderful salty taste and extra texture.

Overall, Bharani is a great restaurant. I am sure I will be returning and having more of their famous dishes. I will be writing more about the food from Bharani. They are also famous for their traditional boat noodle soup, green curry with roti and mentioned chicken pie. I can't wait to eat those dishes again.

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