Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Monday Free Lunch I

Thailand has a few problems right now. Consumer confidence is down even the Thai stock exchange is down. At the same time, the price of petrol, rice and practically everything else is up. We needed something to cheer us up.

On Mondays, street vendors are not allowed to sell food on the street (to allow street cleaners to clean the streets), which is where we get most of our food. With the gloom in the economy and we cannot buy food easily on Mondays. My company decided to do something nice for the staff. They decided that every Monday for two months, they are going offer us free lunch.

The first dish was tom kha gai (chickent coconut soup). The soup had all the right raw materials which made the soup have a rich and flavourful taste.

Then next dish was khao pat pu (crab fried rice). The fried was too oily and not warm enough. When fried rice is not hot, it just seems that it is even more oilier.

The next dish was shrimp & broccoli stir fry. I liked this dish. The shrimps were not the best but atleast they were not overcooked and the broccoli was fresh. The sauce was light and had a nice flavour. This was my favourite of all the dishes.

The next dish was deep fried shrimp patties. Again, another dish that was too oily and cold. The shrimp patties were lacking flavour and you needed to add the sweet & spicy sauce if you wanted to enjoy them more.

Overall, our first free Monday lunch was a huge success. Though everyone complained that the food could have been better. It was a very nice gesture from our company. The management knows that the first Monday free lunch was appreciated by all the staff. As well, promised that the next Monday free lunch we would have a choice of better food.

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