Saturday, June 21, 2008

Street Food (Coconut Juice)

Bangkok is world known for its amazing selection of 'street food' and how amazingly delicious it is. However, I always have to laugh when some foreigners visiting Thailand are so scared about street food in Bangkok. At one hand, I understand. The perception of uncleanliness, unhygenic and pretty much deadly are due to either they have never been to Thailand, either they do not have any friends in Thailand or either they are not adventurous; whatever the reason, I think it is too bad.

Thailand has got to be one of the cleanest countries in Asia in terms of food hygene. It is a part of who they are. Of course, there will always be an exception to the rule, but if you are well informed, eating on the streets of Bangkok can so rewarding and so delicious.

I always try to drink fresh Coconut juice. It is so refreshing, it taste very nice and it is good for you (believe me). There is a guy in front of my office who sells fresh pressed orange juice and fresh coconut juice.

The boy opens the top of the coconut, empties the juice into a plastic cup and then scraps the fresh meat out of the coconut and adds it to the juice. Then he lets the plastic cups chill in a styrofoam box full of crushed ice. When you come and order a coconut juice, it comes out
perfectly chilled. Just wonderful for a snack or a cool drink in the afternoon. All this for only 20 baht. As they say; 'Amazing Thailand!'

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