Monday, June 02, 2008

Yamagoya Ramen

Several months ago, there was a rumour that one of the best ramen restaurant from Tokyo opened in Bangkok. Well; Ramen is one of those types of foods that when I ask my foodie friends; "where is the best ramen shop?", I get several answers. So, I am not sure if this is truly THE best ramen shop in Bangkok, but I will have to agree that it is one of the best. It was opened by the owners of the beer giant Singha. It is situated on Thonglor between soi 11 - 13. I arrived to Bangkok from Shanghai 21:30, it was getting late, so we decided to have a small dinner and go to a place that was open late. We have been to Yamogoya several times already; but this is the first time I am doing a post about it.

There are a hundred variations of ramen as well as regional variations. Let me explain why some consider Yamagoya to be the best in town. It is the way they make their broth/ soup. The soup is long boiled with a special fatty pork. You will notice that the soup is thick and you know that it is going to be deadly for your heart. The first ramen we ordered was the Yamagoya Ramen. It had pickled ginger, a soft boiled egg (still runny), seaweed and a few slices of the fatty pork. Very rich & delicious soup, the ramen noodles are fresh and cooked perfectly. You have to sprinkle sesame seeds into the soup to add flavour.

The second dish was Miso ramen. The only major difference between the previous order and this one is the Miso soup. It is a more simple soup (no egg or seaweed), but I thought it was more flavourful due to the miso soup. You do get filled up easily because you get a huge bowl of ramen noodles.

The final dish we ordered was gyoza. This Japanese dumpling is a normal side dish always ordered. However, I did not feel that the gyozas here were that special. They did not explode with pork flavour. They were not great but they were not bad.

The service here is pleasant and efficient. The restaurant is bright and has happy colours like yellow and red. You will see a lot of Singha advertising (I wonder why?). The menu is not extensive but does have a number of different ramens to choose from. A nice place to go.


J-Avenue said...

You see a lot of Singha beer ads because this ramen shop and the beer share the same owner ^_^

q4man said...

you catch up fast, young jedi