Saturday, May 31, 2008

Shanghai First FoodMall II

I was walking around the 'foodmall' and headed towards to the back of the shop, I noticed that there was a food area where people were cooking. The first stall I noticed was that they were frying dumplings. Yes, dumplings again. The name of the place was called Yang's Fry Dumplings. As you can see in the photo below, there was an enormous queue. I immediately decided this was going to be the beginning of my lunch. You first have to go to window and tell a man how many you want and pay for them. You get a ticket and then you go to the back of the queue. While standing there and waiting, you get hungrier and hungrier as you can watch the staff stuffing the fresh dumpling and watching the man frying the dumplings.

They were so stunningly good. They were very hot so I had to be careful of the hot spitting dumpling. I am sorry for the quality of the photo. The only problem about the food mall is that there is no where to sit and eat the fantastic dumplings. So, I was holding the dumpling in one hand and the camera on the other.

The next dish I had for lunch was from another food stall near the dumpling stall. The area had several soups to choose from. Depending which one you chose, you stood behind someone eating and waited until they finished and you took their seat. It was an interesting thing to do and it had to be very strategic because there were evil women roaming around trying to cheat and get the next empty seat without queueing like everyone else.

The soup was amazingly good. I chose the soup with stewed beef, thin glass noodles, peanuts and a spicy bouillon. The portion was huge (I was very happy), the soup had a wonderful blend of flavours, of course I could not even come close to trying to describing them to you. Just believe me when I say that fast food can actually be delicious. Oh, and yes, it is a bit strange trying to eat when there is a stranger continuously looking over your shoulder to see if you are finished with your soup.

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