Saturday, May 24, 2008

dr bar

I posted about Xin Tian Di, the uber cool area for dining & entertaining in Shanghai.  My friends decided to take me there for dinner.  If in Shanghai, you need to eat at any of the trendy restaurants once.  We first had aperitif at dr bar(as in the letters; d & r, not the abbreviation for doctor).  

It is owned by Mr. Wood the American architect & brains behind transformation of Xin Tian Di to its present glorious state.  dr bar is an epitome of a stylishly cool lounge bar.  The bar is pure black (walls, furniture, etc. very difficult to take photos of the place), the hint of colours come from the few paintings on the walls and the bottles of alcohol.  The only light shines from few spot lights and lots of candles.  If you look closely at the photo below, there is a photo on the table of Ernest Hemingway next to another photo of a guy looks looks like Ernest Hemingway.  The guy is Mr. Wood himself (make sense?).  He really looks like Ernest Hemingway.  Its quite funny.  There are pictures all over the bar of the comparison in similarity.  

We had two bottles (yes, we are alcoholics) of Domain Du Prieure D'Amilhac chardonnay 2006.  It was fresh & crisp, good acidity and nice hints of apple & oak on the nose, not bad at all.  Wine prices in shanghai are crazy (like most asian cities).  But, as you can see, it never stopped us from drinking more. 

dr bar has very nice staff, the bar is cool & chic with great music in the background, but does not disturb you and your friends from having a discussion, the wine was refreshing and the company was fun.  What a great beginning of the evening.  The next post will be the dinner after our aperitif.  


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