Monday, May 05, 2008

Duck Noodle

There is a very good duck noodle soup on Thonglor soi 10. It is a basic shop house with no exciting decor and its clean & air-conditioned. The duck is very good. For a basic and cheap lunch on sundays, we normally head to this duck shop. Consistent delicious duck; and you can choose it anyway you want to eat it. A big plate of duck alone, duck noodle (rice or egg) soup, dry duck noodle, duck rice, duck shanghai noodle, duck feet, etc. etc. This day we decided to share a medium portion of duck with no skin.

The duck is always so tender and juicy. The sauce is always tasty with a strong mix of spices but the main spice is anaise. We always order a bowl of rice to accompany the duck because the sauce taste so good on rice. You can always enhance the taste of spicyness, sweetness or sourness with the sauces on the table (in the photo).

As usual, one dish is never enough for my bottom less pit of a stomach. So, one more dish for the road. I ordered a duck egg noodle soup. As usual; the soup was filling and comforting. So full of duck flavour. You can assume their broth has the duck cooking in it for hours.

The portions are not so big here, so most people end up ordering two or three soups. The prices are very very reasonable and the staff friendly enough. This is one place I hope stays like it is for a very long time.

I forgot the name of the restaurant, but I definatley will edit this post with the name of the restaurant once I go back and have another bowl of wonderful duck noodle soup.

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