Friday, May 09, 2008

Phuket Airport II

You have already read that we had a wonderful dinner at the Phuket Airport.  We normally have dinner at the airport before leaving for Bangkok.  We finished our dinner and headed for customs and then the boarding gate.  We were suppose to be boarding at 20:30.  However; there was no action, so a friend got suspicious.  We went to the airline desk and there it was; a sign saying:

Flight delayed until 1:30!!!!!  

We could not believe that we had to sit in the airport for 4 bloody hours.  I will not go into the details what my friends tried to do to get us on ANY earlier flight.  In the end, no luck due to the long weekend.  

So...we sat, and we sat and we sat.  We heard over the loud speaker that Thai Airways was going to give us poor stranded passengers a complimentary snack.  Awwwwe, how nice of them.

The box contained three halved sandwiches, one chocolate pound cake with chocolate cream swirl and an orange juice (there was also sodas for the choosing).  We actually knew that the sandwiches were just made fresh because when we were eating dinner, we saw a man hauling in a cart with kilos of white bread and condiments on it.  We did not think much about it then and realized once we opened the boxes that the cart of kilos of bread was for us. 

From bottom to top, the processed cheese sandwich was not bad,  no cheese flavour but very eatable.  The next was caned tuna sandwich, again not bad.  It was not overly mayonaised as most tuna sandwiches are.  And finally, the processed chicken or turkey sandwich.  We could not tell, and it was the worst of the bunch.  No one tried the dessert because we were still too full from dinner and no drank the orange juice, because we knew that this certain orange juice that they serve is so artificial and taste awful.    

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