Friday, May 09, 2008

Breakfast Hut

I posted our last dinner in Phuket at the Phuket Airport.  Now I am going to post backwards, the food and wine we had during our long weekend in Phuket.  What is really nice about staying in Nai-Harn is that there are plentiful of places to go for breakfast.  But, there are some which are better than others.  This morning we went to one of the best:  Breakfast Hut.  It is owned by a husband/ wife team.  The husband is Scottish and the wife is Thai.  He greets you every time you arrive.  A simple place but the food is good and affordable.

The first part of the breakfast was yogurt with muesli.  A simple breakfast but the quality of the yogurt and muesli were great.  I was wondering if he went to Switzerland to get the muesli.

The second breakfast was an English breakfast.  The only thing that made this an English breakfast was the baked beans.  Overall, it was fine.  We tried it just to be different, but I discovered I do not like baked beans for breakfast.  

The Breakfast hut is very well know for their banana pancakes and waffles; but pretty much everything they serve here is of good quality and taste good.  We have brought several friends there who could not stop talking about the banana pancakes.  The prices are very reasonable.  Once in a while, when it is busy, the service is a bit off (we can handle that since we are on holiday, and no rush to go anywhere), and the wife (who normally is very friendly) could be lacking a sense-of-humor because of the stress.  

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